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Business concern de Weert is a regional agricultural mechanization business as well as an international trading company providing a reliable and remarkable service. It’s customers are positioned throughout the South-East of The Netherlands, all of Europe as well as abroad Europe. We deliver high-quality products to farmers, agricultural contractors and citizens throughout the Netherlands and abroad.  In addition export is becoming a more and more important part of the company. At the end of 1993 business concern de Weert was founded by René de Weert in Deurne. René was raised at a farm which let to his interest in agricultural equipment at an early age.  After successfully completing his education he first accepted a job at anagricultural contractor. In addition to his job he started to repair tractors and agricultural equipment. As time went by his activities expanded. In 1997 his company moved to Bakel, home of the current workshop and storehouse.

We export to many countries throughout Europe as well as far abroad Europe. Among other things we export tractors, combines and many agricultural implements. In 2010 we also opened our own import agency about 200 km north of Melbourne. This agency delivers new agricultural equipment to Australia and Tasmania.